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Rona G

Honestly, I love this mag! The style and layout is so well-done and
the videos keep you interested! I love how the articles are FACTUAL
and INFORMATIVE! Especially the one on Make-up and how it affects our
health…. working in the medical field…I can see how this can be an
issue. GREAT JOB


I want to say I’m really liking the magazine: I enjoy the layout its
very sleek and user friendly, the style of content, interviews
photography and articles are entertaining and engaging. A few articles
really enlightened me from Issue 10: Coffee Time and The Credit Deal,
its great when a magazine like Fashion Studio 7 can educate as well


Very Cool article but I must say the one with Actress JaNae Armogan is my favorite so far, she is so compelling to watch if possible you should do another spread on her.


I love this issue so much. Its great to see the diversity. I would
have to say i really enjoyed the interview with Prof. Tavakolitarghi.
The Hijab is not just for the Islamic Religion. I myself i am a
Christian and sometimes i like to wear a nice beautiful beaded Hijab
as a fashion statement. I watched the news a few months ago and I
think its very inappropriate for France banned the burqa. If a
particular Religion or Culture feel like its right for them to dress a
certain way than they should be able to have that freedom. Banning the
Hijab does not prevent war but rather its building more chaos.


BEAUTIFUL website, amazing concept, love love love this

Will be promoting to everyone we know!


I love the concept of an online magazine and i love the reading material. I’m SriLankan and I’ve never heard of Kalista Zackeriyas but I was glad to be made aware of her. Very pretty and talented and I think thats what I like about the magazine… it keeps me up with ‘up and coming’ people rather ppl who are already well known in the industry. I also thought the FARAHRI interview was fun but most of all this month I loved the Muslim fashion! I’m not Muslim but I felt educated and helped me understand the world just a little bit better. I noticed you are friends with Mya Nadarajah on Facebook so I hope there is an article about her soon… hope to see more new comers.

Seriously… AWESOME work… I feel like I learn so much every time and I actually look forward to the magazine every month.

You guys are doing an amazing JOB!
I feel like a proud dad,lol. I’m so happy for you all….



Hey Fashion Studio7. The article looks good! I’d also like to note that you can
follow me on my website: and my facebook fan page. Talk to you soon!


This is great! where was i all this time!? I love this Magazine so
much. I would rather digital than print. I can watch and read articles
over and over again. I love the cover story. GREAT JOB FS7 :)


Al, you’ve done it again. This Issue is simply amazing. I love the
layout, I love the articles, I love the magazine. Al, you are doing an
amazing job in the community. May God continue to bless the works of
your hands. Your team is wonderful. Your stories are always on point
and very informative. I love your cover story of the “I Dream of
Africa Play”. You captured the essence of the Play so beautifully.
You are an amazing Journalist. I look forward to working with you in
the near future. Thank you once again Al. Keep up the incredible work.
The magazine looks beautiful.

Brittany & Sarina

We have just finished reviewing your online issues and hands down the
best online magazine we have ever seen. The incredible layout was the
first thing that caught our attention, then the interesting and
diverse articles which we can relate too. All the articles and videos
were very well created in a direct and informative way regarding
today’s latest fashions, music, makeup tips and all the above. As well
we had noticed the multiculturalism throughout the magazine which had
intrigued us even more to continue reading every up coming articles.
Fashion Studio 7 displays Toronto’s amazing fashion industry while giving
insight regarding health, beauty and more. We can see big things
happening for Fashion Studio 7.


Glad to see your new issue posted. I was particularly interested in

reading the article about the Seneca College Fashion Show as I am the

proud Aunt of your award recipient, Laurie Brown. Unfortunately, there

were a couple of problems… one was, the webpages were too large for

my screen and they didn’t automatically resize for my screen and

provided no slider bars to move to see the rest of the page, and

secondly, the audio of the interviews were all inaudible over the

background music that had been recorded. I hope these are temporary

glitches, I will check back in a few days.


I had the pleasure of viewing both issues of the magazines =)

I like the change with the pages on the side

an how more video was incorporated as well….

really liked the content layout…just like a print mag

I actually really, really like the whole concept of the digital magazine…

quite innovative and caters to the direction of how society an media for that matter are moving towards

especially its focus within Toronto and the GTA through its inspiring featured role models and talented individuals and groups as well as local businesses

Keep up the amazing work!

Looking forward to seeing many more successful future issues


This is the best online magazine Toronto has to offer. Not only is it informative, but it is fun to watch and exciting to listen too. Hi, I am Melissa Veszi and as you know I had the great pleasure to grace the cover and be featured in this spectacular, ever so creative magazine. I had such a blast doing the shoot and the interviews. It was extremely fun, full of laughs and jokes. To see it all come together is such a joy. I couldn’t be happier. Thank you to everyone and Fashion Studio 7.


Very good second issue! Every issue gets better and better. I love the variety you guys offer. Very informative, fashionable, and fun! Keep up the good work!


Amazing…Love everything!!

Ami de Vera

The magazine looks great! Very informative and very diverse, definitely looking forward to future issues! I recommend it to anyone who hasn’t read it yet!